Senior Staff

Karim Sylla

Over 10 years of software development experience, ranging from support and programming to running technical operations. Prior to co-founding Visual Flavors, Karim honed up his programming, software design and project management skills by developing software for the Healthcare Industry. He brings to web development a passion for problem solving, an almost compulsive attention to details and a ferocious adherence to standards and best practice. Karim holds a Bachelor of Science from the American University in Washington, DC.

Trine Benjaminsen

Over 10 years of graphics design and marketing experience. Trine's designs are both eye-catching and professional. Her design style consists of laying out accessible content on a refined canvas. Prior to co-founding Visual Flavors, Trine built a remarkable portfolio of graphic design both as a free-lance designer and an art-director for ad agencies and design studios in Norway and the United States. Trine studied commercial art at Westerdals School of Communication in Oslo, Norway.

Jason Meyer

Over 10 years of computer engineering experience, including server administration, network architecture and security consulting. From his early days as jack-of-all-(technical)-trades at Intel Corporation to recent custom VoIP systems engineering Jason is well served by his encyclopedic knowledge of his fields of expertise. He brings to Visual Flavors a robust technical foundation and solid systems security expertise as well as a no-nonsence professionalism.

Wai Lam

Over 10 years of programming and project management. Wai is a programming powerhouse, with a vast repertoire of application development spanning most popular languages and platforms. In addition to his application development expertise, Wai brings Visual Flavors stellar team leadership and project management skills. Wai hold a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Maryland.

Visual Flavors

Headquartered in Gaithersburg, MD, Visual Flavors is an online marketing agency specialized in custom web development, search engine optimization and graphic design.

We service the Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC metropolitan area and beyond.

We uniquely blend graphic design and software development in support of internet marketing. We specialize in designing of high-end websites and organic ranking promotion through SEO for reasonable budgets.

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